Known worldwide for his celebrity health transformations and author of two top selling health and diet books, Tony Perrone, Ph.D is among the most effective Alternative Medicine and Anti-Aging specialists in the world.

Dr. Perrone is the inventor/pioneer of High Dose Antioxidant Therapy (HDAT), a 1st in the world technology that has proven to be very effective in helping patients with a wide variety of chronic inflammatory illnesses.

Dr. Perrone's clinical approach is a SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE BASED and self-styled combination of alternative and western medicines.

Getting Started With Dr. Tony Perrone

His clinical tools include State of the art laboratory testing, cutting edge alternative medicines, world leading nutritional supplements, personalized nutritional biochemistry, physical-fitness advice and lifestyle modification.

In practice for over 19 years, Dr. Perrone deals with nearly every type of illness. His areas of interest include auto-immune diseases, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, various cancers, gastrointestinal issues, cardiovascular wellness, diabetes, bio-Identical Hormone replacement therapy, and emotional health. Dr. Perrone works with clients with nearly every imaginable illness. Consulting with him is like consulting with many specialists at once. Dr. Perrone is not a medical doctor - He practices Alternative Medicine only.

Dr. Perrone has a thriving practice and has helped tens of thousands of patients to obtain a higher level of wellness.

His list of celebrity clients reads like a who's who in Hollywood. Because of this, he has achieved a degree of fame and has been labeled by the media as "Nutritionist to the stars".

Getting Started With Dr. Tony Perrone

Dr. Perrone's client list includes top celebrities, such as: Cher, Janet Jackson, Demi Moore, Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, Wayne Newton, Ryan Seacrest, Angela Bassett, Charlie Sheen, Paula Abdul, Robin Williams, Russell Crowe, and with other top celebrities.

Television shows such as "Hard Copy", "Entertainment Tonight", NBC and ABC news have interviewed Perrone. Top magazines, such as "Los Angeles", "W", "First for Women", "Marie Claire" and "Depeche Mode" (France) have profiled him.

With a Ph.D. in Nutrition, Dr Perrone is also a Certified Nutritional Consultant and has professional association and certifications with the American Preventive Medical Association, the American Association of Nutritional Consultants, the American Holistic Health Association, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the American College of Sports Medicine, the International Dance and Exercise Association and others. He is listed in the "Who's Who in Business and Executives in America".

Dr. Perrone is a veteran of the United States Navy.